MFA Collection
How To Get Into Drama School

MFA Collection

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For actors who are ready to take their craft to the next level, these MFA programs will not let you down.  Hear from current students and recent alumni about how each program is evolving and get inspired about how you'll spend the next chapter of your artistic life building on everything you already have. 

The MFA Collection includes podcast episodes with current students and recent alumni from the following schools:

  • Juilliard

  • USD

  • NYU

  • Columbia

  • Yale

    MFA programs are changing right now, and if you haven't considered these schools, we recommend looking into them if you want the best MFA training. 

    Each episode will paint the picture of what it's like to train at that unique school.  The faculty, the classes, perks of the training, how safe the campus is, and other things you would never be able to find online or even calling the school! 

    There's nothing like talking to someone who's actually going through (or just graduated) from the program. 

    And it's all right here for you in the MFA Collection!

    This is the ultimate school research for actors applying for their MFA in Acting.

    It's everything you want to know about the top programs and fuel for your inspiration going into each audition!!