If you want to become an actor, you need to be looking at these schools...

Welcome to How To Get Into Drama School’s “School Reviews Podcasts!” 

Each podcast episode features a specific school and offers:

  1. A conversation with current students or recent alumni sharing openly about what it's like to train at their school - priceless and inspiring conversation on what the classes are like, how many performance opportunities you get, what the faculty is like, living there, career transition, everything!
  2. The most up to date information about each school - we update the podcasts every year with the most current information for you
  3. Surprises about each school you can't find on Google! - what the students didn't expect about the program after entering and if the school was a hot sauce, what intensity would it be?!

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At How To Get Into Drama School, we recommend that every actor understand each school as best as possible before applying. 

If you can find at least one special aspect that resonates with you about each school, you will deliver a noticeably better application and audition guaranteed. 

Know the answer to "Why do you want to come to this school?" 

...and it better not be "'Cause it's a great school."

These podcasts will help you:

  • Understand programs better, making it easier to decide which schools are right for YOU. 
  • Identify what appeals to you personally about each program by hearing the personal accounts of current students.
  • Discover the gems of each program you'll never find on Google
  • Make contacts at each school.  Our guests love spreading the word about their program and making friends with our audience!
  • Find out what about each program you’re most passionate about.  Pro tip: They might ask you this question in your audition!
  • Gain the fullest perspective of the training as possible, improving your artist statement and ability to speak to that school’s unique strengths when applying. 
  • Feel 100% confident about your application decisions and know you’re going to be happy going to any and every school you apply to. 

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You can’t get this anywhere else.  Online resources are often sparse, out-of-date, random, or unreliable. 

But we've been there and we're bringing you the best research possible in the least possible amount of time. 

We go beyond what a general youtube video or even the school's own website can provide.

In these podcasts, you are hearing directly from students at each school that about their experience. 

Listen and be inspired. Be excited and let these podcasts infuse joy into your audition preparation process.

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When you think about where you want to go to school, there’s so many things you can’t predict. 

These are “info-gathering” conversations.  Key to understanding what you're getting into. 

“They’re all so different. I don’t know what my experience would have been at another program, but I’m grateful for my school and the training they provided.”
-Carlos, USD MFA

Listening to a conversation with a current student or recent alumni shines so much light on a program for a potential applicant in a way that both relaxes the artist and inspired the artist, making it a great tool for audition prep!

It's amazing how much value some schools are delivering as the times change!

For example:

  • Do you want your school's industry showcase to feature you in NY, LA, Chicago, and Atlanta?
  • Would you like to apply to a school that offers classes with the biggest casting directors and most well-connected coaches in the industry
  • How do you feel about a school offering free film screenings every weekend?
  • Do you want the full experience of a "college campus" complete with greek life, sporting events, and fun leadership opportunities
  • Would you like your program to teach you how to do your taxes as an artist?

You know what you want, you just have to find the right schools for you!

What are you waiting for? 

Choose Your Podcasts Now!

P.S - We WISH we had this resource when we were applying to schools.  It would have been extremely helpful and that’s why we’ve created it for you! These podcasts will save you time, give you the perspective you need, and make you feel better when you walk into your audition room. Enjoy!


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